salary packaging cards

australia's most comprehensive salary packaging card only solution for organisations of any size

powered by Beyond Bank

rest assured our salary packaging cards are backed by one of Australia's most innovative and progressive banks.  they are even B Corp certified!

SMS notifications

sms notifications of your balances

electronic wallet

make payments using your device's stored card wallet

mobile app

get the latest balances anytime you need them

general expenses card

Easy to use, hassle-free
No need to submit claims or receipts
Make purchases anywhere in the world where VISA is accepted
Access to balances and transaction history via Internet Banking or our Mobile App. Set push notifications on your Mobile App to let you know when your pay has been deposited
Simply Tap & Go with payWave technology (PIN may be required depending on the transaction amount).

meal entertainment card

Making meal entertainment benefits easy
Use in cafes, restaurants, bistros and hotels to pay for your next meal or holiday 


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Next steps

Contact us now to get more information about how Community Salary Packaging can assist you!
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